Sling Therapeutics

As a startup focused on Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) Therapies, with several other types of therapies in the pipeline, Sling Therapeutics wanted to launch its strong new name with a memorable,…Continue readingSling Therapeutics

Tufts Pace CPM Registry

Using massive and growing amounts of data to develop and validate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease Clinical Prediction Models is as complicated as it sounds. We refined and expanded the PACE CPM…Continue readingTufts Pace CPM Registry

Cambridge Systematics

A genuine “40-year old startup,” Cambridge Systematics is one of the most advanced and forward-looking transportation planning and analysis companies in the world. Their identity, which was the brand equivalent of…Continue readingCambridge Systematics

Eos Foundation

While the site is simple and doesn’t have a huge number of pages, it is as mission-critical as anything we’ve done. Eos provides meals for school children, supports families in achieving…Continue readingEos Foundation

MIT AgeLab

Input from researchers and target audiences emphasized that approachability, simplicity, portability, and recognizability were critical—which led us to this simple shape. Red, gray, and black palette? MIT colors. Modified Futura gave…Continue readingMIT AgeLab

Vallee Foundation

The Vallee Foundation funds research and events for high-achieving scientists with the idea that they will encourage, inspire, and advance each other’s work. It’s a dynamic organization. We worked from their…Continue readingVallee Foundation

Avid Solar

Solar companies are springing up more and more, but there are very few with a solar policy advocate and highly knowledgeable industry leader at the helm. We researched the commercial and…Continue readingAvid Solar