Our Story

It was time to set out on our own

We loved our jobs and the people we worked with, but we had to go out on our own. We were just built that way. And in 1994, with digital technologies revolutionizing design, our experience in graphic design, architecture, museum design, interactive exhibit design, and software design had to be put to good use. So we, Jane Cuthbertson and Theodore Groves started Myriad.

Myriad means “many” (10,000 to be exact). In reference to our digital, environmental, and analog skills, the name was perfect. It also had great typographic form and verbal rhythm. Within a week we had our first clients with Motorola; Bolt, Beranek & Newman (BBN); and the USS Constitution Museum.

Our goals and deadline were demanding, and the team at Myriad delivered above-and-beyond work. The project was a huge success.

Stan Vernon, Director of Marketing, Motorola Mobile

After a few years, we had grown. Fifteen people plus four contractors, and we were looking for a bigger space. Running, running, running—if you’re not growing you’re dying. We thought about that a lot. In 2001 the dot-com bust gave us an opportunity to scale down and see how Myriad worked with fewer people. Turned out it worked really well.

We’ve stayed at six people [Who We Are]. We have plenty of specialized collaborators when we need them, but we stay trim, responsive, and unchained from massive overhead. That’s a good thing because most of our clients are nonprofits and small businesses [Clients].

Myriad took our huge, sprawling site and gave it a brilliant structure and design so everything was really easy to find. Plus, it was really cool looking—even the scientists love it, which is saying something!

Bill Litant, Director of Marketing, MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

We create award-winning [Awards] brands and websites, strategize and run SEO and SEM campaigns. We manage and create content for whole online presences, including websites, blogs, social media, email newsletters, and ongoing SEO. And we design all of the printed materials that accompany the online brand.

We can do it for you. Or with you. Then we can show you how to run it. Or we can run it for you (we’ll still show you how to run it, just so you know). Once we understand what the needs, goals, and realities are for the work, we’ll take care of it—efficiently, with respect for your time, but with absolutely no shortcuts.