Excerpt from a short story I can’t remember his name, or even if I knew his name. My best guess is Marty. He was the angriest kid in second grade—a stained,…Continue readingMarty?

Windows on Earth Master Plan

Summary Students work with astronauts to observe and photograph Earth and use these photographs to build global awareness and help solve problems. This document presents the Master Plan for Windows on…Continue readingWindows on Earth Master Plan

In-Person Testing Report

STEM Teacher Leaders Network User Feedback from In-Person Testing Think-Out-Loud, Task Performance & General Review 03.29.2019 Our goal for this round of result of this testing was to assess the overall…Continue readingIn-Person Testing Report


Excerpt from a short story The prairie behind our house went on for hundreds of miles. A single barn, or a lone tree left as a landmark, was all that interrupted the ocean…Continue readingSettlers