Neurons in the cerebral cortex are not replaced when they die. The body does not actually replace its cells every seven years. If it did the question would be: why aren’t…Continue readingSabotage


The sea swings up the bow then waits and rushes to each new embrace singing softly down the sides waving goodbye in swirls beyond the stern Land is long away The stars puzzle…Continue readingBecalmed

Sweet Spot

We wore shorts with stains the color of the popsicles we’d eaten, sitting on the cross-timber fence. Careless blobs on khaki canvas, turning sticky black in the sun, sticky fingers looking…Continue readingSweet Spot

Star Dust

If I am the stuff of stars, shouldn’t I  glow, radiate, warm all  around me and myself as well? What stars’ stuff am I exactly? If their remains  coalesced into this…Continue readingStar Dust

Rain, Almost

Speaking of rain, the dust on the car shows dots far apart in a pattern of drops— not a rain pattern— a single-sprinkle pattern as evidence of what must have  meant…Continue readingRain, Almost