A refreshing new brand for a 40-year old startup


It’s understandable that a very busy company full of really smart people would be so laser-focused on their work that they’d just keep going with a brand whose expiration date had come and gone. Then, with a talented new hire at the top of the marketing department, the need for a rebrand becomes urgently clear.

We worked with Cambridge Systematics to research, strategize, plan, develop and launch an entirely new brand that’s a perfect expression of their bright, flexible, whip-smart character.

Every touchpoint, from the logotype to the tagline to the website, along with color palette, typefaces, graphic elements, photography and copy has been created to reflect the startup mentality that permeates the company--even a series of small icons that rotate with the “un-tagline” series of keywords.

Now requests are flooding in from across the company for new-branded marketing materials and schwag, and customers are commenting positively on the new brand. It’s even been selected as a finalist in several high-profile awards competitions in the few months since it’s been launched.

We really enjoyed working with the Cambridge Systematics team, and we’re proud of the success we’ve created together. Hopefully they’ll keep sending us tins of mints…

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