It’s New

Sometimes it feels like there’s this constant explosion of technology and as soon as you grab one thing another one knocks it out of your hand. It all just becomes a blur of names and features, changing so fast it doesn’t seem to make sense to even start trying to focus on one because another will be by to replace it in a minute. Actually it doesn’t just seem that way, it is that way.

This is our new website. It’s driven by Drupal, a Content Management System that’s PHP based, and open source.  We chose to use Drupal because it is stable, widely used and easy to own and update. We could have used Wordpress, Expression Engine, Business Catalyst, Joomla, Typo3, or any of lots of other options that are just now shooting out of the barrel. Our homepage could have been a long-scroll grid of images or a swipey, bouncy kinetic type animation. And we could have never finished the site for debating the issues.

It’s as true in the digital world as it is in life: at the moment, this moment, you get the best information you can, and make a decision. Then move on. Yes, we’re all standing in a digital river, and like a real river, it’s never the same from second to second. But if you want a drink, you have to scoop up the water that’s there now and not worry that if you wait the next scoop might be better. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t, but you won’t die of thirst.


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